Start Your Own Brokerage

Solutions to Start Your Own Brokerage (SYOB)


The foreign exchange (FX) market now generates an impressive $4 trillion a day, making it the largest market (by volume) in the world.  By combining our leading-edge technology and years of expertise in the FX industry, Boston Technologies can deliver the forex market directly to any entrepreneur interested in starting his or her own FX brokerage.  If you're looking to become a Forex broker, our Start Your Own Brokerage (SYOB) package is available at a variety of price points and capabilities and includes everything you’ll need to take advantage of the opportunities available in the foreign exchange market. 

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Fund Managers & Professional Traders 

Solutions for Fund Managers & Professional Traders


BT offers Fund Managers and Professional Traders an opportunity to easily access the Forex market through MT4 Client Terminals or FIX API.

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