1. How High is TOO High for FX Commission

    Wed Dec 31, 2014
  2. To trade or Not to trade in December?

    Wed Dec 24, 2014
  3. How to choose the best Broker for your EA

    Tue Sep 30, 2014
  4. How to Choose the Right FX Brokerage to Suit Your Own Trading Needs

    Mon Sep 22, 2014
  5. Forex Spreads – Appearances Can Be Deceiving

    Mon Sep 15, 2014
  6. Smart way to choose a Liquidity Provider

    Tue Aug 26, 2014
  7. Ups and downs of running a FX Fund

    Tue Aug 26, 2014
  8. White-Label Client vs. Partner: Benefits to choosing a White Label solution with mutually aligned incentives

    Mon Jul 21, 2014
  9. Intro to the Margin Based Prime Brokerage and Prime of Prime Agency Model

    Thu Jul 17, 2014
  10. Useful MT4 Features: Quotes in Excel

    Mon May 5, 2014
  11. Radical Overhaul to New Zealand Forex Brokerage Licenses

    Tue Mar 25, 2014
  12. Macau iFXEXPO 2014 Photo Report

    Mon Mar 24, 2014
  13. Types of Jurisdictions for Forex Companies

    Fri Mar 21, 2014
  14. Net Based v. MT4 Ticket Based Reporting it’s a Matter of Perspective

    Mon Jan 13, 2014
  15. APIs and What Are They Good For

    Fri Dec 20, 2013
  16. What is FIX API?

    Fri Nov 15, 2013


    FIX (Financial Information Exchange) API (application programming interface)  is an electronic communications protocol for financial information exchange. In our case, we use it to allow communication between a client, trader, investment fund, or broker and a liquidity provider.

    FIX API is a universal standard. It’s used by numerous banks, prime brokers, and hedge funds. The origins  of FIX API date back to the early 1990s, when several volunteer programmers were seeking opportunities for communication support when trading stocks . In 1998, this team of programmers started a non-profit company called FIX Protocol Limited (FPL), which focused on expanding, developing and supporting the protocol. more...

  17. Complementing FX trading With Gold

    Fri Nov 8, 2013
  18. The decision to begin your own brokerage

    Fri Nov 1, 2013
  19. How Forex Traders Can Account For Unexpected Costs

    Wed Jun 12, 2013

    Transaction costs in Forex, is the "elephant in the room” when evaluating the performance of a trading account. While all traders are aware of it, many and money managers still manage to underestimate how significant of an impact transactions costs can have on their overall profitability. This blog post will explain how forex traders can better understand that impact and how they can identify which business terms would suit their trading style the best.   more...

  20. 4 Benefits of Prime Brokerage Accounts For Professional Forex Traders

    Wed Jun 12, 2013
  21. Avoiding Back Office Overload

    Thu Jul 12, 2012

    Boston Technologies' CEO, George Popescu, was recently interviewed by e-Forex Magazine as part of an in-depth analysis of back office overload. As back office data grows exponentially and the FX market becomes more mature, brokers have to offer more products.  more...

  22. 2011 FX Year in Review

    Tue Jan 31, 2012

    Boston Technologies recently reviewed the data passing through it's system. While we never release customer or proprietary data, we have collected some interesting bits of information that we thought our customers and the FX industry in general would find valuable. All of this information is based solely on what flows through Boston Technologies' platforms so it is not a snapshot of the industry in general, just of what Boston Technologies customers are doing.  more...

  23. 5 Reasons Why FX Brokers Prefer STP

    Tue Jan 24, 2012

    When starting a new brokerage an important consideration is the risk model the firm will adopt.  For those new to this industry, a risk model is simply the way a brokerage will manage the trading volume it receives from its traders. Currently, a broker has two options when making this decision: STP (straight through processing) or managing the risk internally, known as market making.  The decision is not an easy one, especially for a new brokerage.  Since establishing brokerages is one of the services we offer at BT, many of our partners often ask us for guidance on this subject.  Although the choice is ultimately in the hands of the brokerage, we've noticed a trend in the past couple of years toward an STP model.  This begs the question, "why are more FX brokers adopting an STP model?"  I've come up with 5 reasons behind this trend which are outlined below.  more...

  24. How Boston Technologies Stacks Up

    Thu Jan 5, 2012

    As Boston Technologies looks forward to 2012 we can already tell it will be an exciting year. We will be launching new products and services, expanding our offerings to new areas of the globe and expanding the already fantastic pool of talent that makes up the staff at Boston Technologies.

    Boston Technologies has seen tremendous growth, growing by 25% in 2011. We did a litte research recently to see how we stack up to other technology companies and the results were surprising:  more...

  25. White Label or Brokerage?

    Tue Dec 6, 2011

    "How do I get a white label?" is a question we are often asked at Boston Technologies.  Because we are a technology provider and not a brokerage, a white label in the purest sense is not one of our product offerings.  What Boston Technologies does offer, however, is something more extensive than a white label, namely the tools and support required to establish an entire FX brokerage.  The discussion of white labels often leads to a question along the same vein as the first, "does is make more sense to get a white label or start my own brokerage?"  In many cases those who inquire about a white label aren't aware of the reasons it might make more sense to start a brokerage.  A few, but not all, of the reasons to consider running your own FX business are found below:  more...

  26. What Does The New MT5 Client Terminal Look Like?

    Mon Nov 7, 2011

    After gaining world-wide recognition for its wildly popular MT4 (Metatrader 4) client terminal, MetaQuotes has chosen to capitalize off of this success with the next generation of its trading software: MT5.  Weighing its options carefully, MetaQuotes decided that it made more sense to develop a completely new platform rather than continuing to push updates through the existing MT4 software.  With the release of MT5, both brokers and traders are asking themselves how the MT5 client terminal be different.   In this article I'll address this question by highlighting some of the major feature changes in MT5.  more...

  27. Boston Technologies Places 143 on Inc. 500|5000

    Thu Sep 1, 2011

    Boston Technologies is proud to announce that it has been listed as the 143rd fastest growing company in America by Inc. magazine.

    This afternoon Boston Technologies received the latest copy of Inc. magazine which includes the publication's annual list of the 500 fastest growing companies in America; the Inc. 500.  Based on a 3-year growth of 1,944% ranked among the top 150 companies that are "rebuilding the economy and changing the world" according to Inc. Boston Technologies joins other Boston-area companies such as Hubspot, Carbonite, ZipCar, and Boloco!  more...

  28. 5 Tips for Marketing Your FX Brokerage

    Wed Jul 27, 2011

    Setting up, registering, and configuring your brokerage may seem like a lot of work, but once you launch your brokerage, you also need customers. Marketing your brokerage can easily turn a bottomless money-sucking pit that spits out only a few qualified leads if you don’t know what you are doing. Through our research we have discovered a few easy (and cheap!) ways to market your brokerage along with the best websites and venues to do so.  more...

  29. 5 Tips For A Successful FX Brokerage

    Tue Jul 12, 2011
  30. 5 Advantages of Automated Trading

    Tue Jul 5, 2011

    Twenty years ago the barriers to entry for an indvidual trader or trading club looking to start an investment fund based on a fully automated or algorithmic system were incredibly high.  Access to information was limited, data could not be transferred as quickly, and processing times were slower.  Fast forward to 2011.  Thanks to continued advancements in technology it's now possible to run a multi account trading fund out of the basement of your home.  As a result, interest in automated trading is on the rise as individual traders look to be their own self-appointed fund managers.  Here are a few reasons why:  more...

  31. 5 Considerations for Selecting a Metatrader 4 Liquidity Bridge

    Tue May 17, 2011

    MT4 is the most used retail foreign exchange trading platform in the market.  By utilizing Metatrader 4 (MT4) server applications and providing client terminals to your current and prospective clients, you can greatly increase the size of your retail Forex trading business.  Many brokerages reduce their market risk by implementing a Straight Through Processing (STP) model which effectively passes the trade onto a large liquidity provider.  This is accomplished by purchasing a liquidity bridge that bridges their MT4 server application directly to the liquidity providers.  This post is aimed at showing you some areas to investigate before selecting a vendor.  more...

  32. Going Green...

    Tue May 17, 2011

    [Editor: This may seem a little off-topic for a forex software company but Boston Technologies is always looking for ways to be smart and efficient. At a recent company meeting, we discussed ways to be green and the idea of switching from paper cups to ceramic mugs came up...]

    Going Green...

    That is the buzz word in the agenda of every successful company - or at least it should be. There are many ways we can define what it really means to "Go green". The simplified ideas is to be aware of how our individual life style effect our environment, and how to take proper measure to minimize our foot print individually and as a community.  more...

  33. Don't Delay, Add Mobile Trading Services Today

    Mon May 2, 2011

    Firms like FXCM, GFT, and ODL all know that providing mobile trading solutions to retail FX traders enables brokerages to differentiate themselves from their competitors, increase client retention, and profitably generate more revenue.

    In a market where it is very difficult to differentiate a brokerage strictly on the spreads offered, value-added services, such as WebMT4, are crucial to expanding client and deposit base.  According to InterBank FX’s recent Anatomy of a Forex Trader1, 33% of traders already follow markets or make trades through mobile devices.  That’s a substantial chunk of the potential clients that currently demand mobile access, and like other areas of mobile adoption, this percentage is sure to increase.  Clearly it is important to be in a position to be able to win these traders’ business and set the brokerage apart from the crowd by making mobile trading possible.

    Beyond adding another marketing arrow to the Forex brokerage’s quiver, WebMT4 increases customer loyalty and retention.  Simply giving the traders access to the MetaTrader 4 platform on mobile devices adds another touch point between the clients and the brokerage, which increases adoption and switching costs for traders.  Some brokerages have leveraged more creative approaches, offering for example, a WebMT4 enabled iPad in return for a minimum initial deposit amount, or a 12 month contract.  Certainly, there are even more areas a creative brokerage can use mobile MT4 trading access to increase customer loyalty.

    While making marketing easier and retaining more traders are critical elements of building a successful Forex brokerage, these goals need to be accomplished profitably.  Fortunately, WebMT4 is not expensive and actually increases revenue of a brokerage.  All brokerages prefer traders to be active, especially those offering volume based execution model.  By putting the power to trade in the client’s hands, literally, the brokerage facilitates more frequent trades, and captures more revenue.  This makes it easy to recuperate the cost of adding WebMT4 services, even if the brokerage doesn’t want to impose minimum deposit amounts to be eligible, or simply pass along the additional cost directly to the trader.  more...

  34. 10 Frequently Asked MT4 Questions

    Tue Apr 12, 2011

    As a Trade Systems Analyst at Boston Technologies I am often asked a variety of questions related to the Metatrader 4 (MT4) platform. MT4 is a powerful program with many features that are often not noticeable at first glance. In this article I’d like to share some of the most common questions we receive from our clients so that anybody working with MT4 can gain a greater understanding of the software.  more...

  35. Comparing Search and Social Media for Forex Marketers

    Wed Mar 30, 2011
  36. Off-Hours MT4 Plug-In

    Tue Mar 29, 2011
  37. What Makes Boston Technologies' MT4 Bridge Unique?

    Mon Mar 14, 2011

    Boston Technologies put its name on the map by being the first technology firm to develop and successfully launch the “MT4 Liquidity Bridge.”  In the simplest terms, our technology allows for a trade originating in the Metatrader 4 (MT4) platform to be executed by an external liquidity provider.  To leave the explanation at that, however, would be doing our technology a disservice.  The software we pioneered offers a variety of features making Boston Technologies the industry leader in cutting edge technology geared towards the foreign exchange (FX) market.  more...

  38. How is an FX Brokerage Structured?

    Mon Feb 14, 2011
  39. VPS Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

    Wed Feb 2, 2011

    Boston Technologies' client advocacy group recently completed the VPS Customer Satisfaction Research of Q4 2010. After reaching out to all of our VPS-using clients, we were able to collect an overwhelming number of responses and data. We have a solid amount of information for upper management to base the innovative direction of the next quarter for our Virtual Private Server service.

    The ten-question survey asked clients to rate different aspects of the service we provide, one through five, one being “poor” and five being “excellent”. The final two questions required short answer responses that allowed the clients to add comments and suggest services they would like to see.  more...