Multi-Account Manager (MAM) Plugin

PAMMThe Multi-Account Manager (MAM) plug-in was created for companies to build money-management programs. The MAM plug-in from Boston Technologies allows one or more "Master" (parent) accounts to control any number of "Sub" (child) accounts with manual or Algorithmic Trading. It is based on a “post execution” allocation method which ensues the same execution price to all clients.

BT’s Multi-Account Manager (MAM) plugin functions identically to a Percent Allocation Management Module (PAMM) Account. The MAM plug-in was designed for volume distribution amongst sub-accounts that are set to auto execution to be used by individuals or companies applying money-management programs. After a trade is successfully opened in the Master Account, the plug-in creates trades on a proportional basis in each of the Sub Accounts at the exact same price.

The plugin can restrict money deposits or withdrawals to sub-accounts while they have open trades.

Sub-accounts can be managed manually or by using Expert Advisors.

"MAM", offers a number of benefits that make it a flexible and powerful tool:

  • 100% compatible with STP and Dealing Desk Execution.
  • MAM supports volumes less than 0.01 lots for Sub-Account (micro lots).
  • Clients with small deposits may contribute funds to money managers and participate in forex trading.
  • Can scramble the direction of the master's trades, thereby protecting the master's strategy.